Massageportal24 Roadmap


1Q 2023
- Create and Verify Massageportal24 Smart Contract on BSC
- Start Massageportal24 Web2 Open Beta
- First Burn Event 100 Million MPT
- Test and Fix Week -Say Goodby to Issues, Bugs and Errors-
- Start Telegram Support Group
- Launch Massageportal24 Web2 Beta
- Start MPT Presale
- Create Massageportal24 Channels on Twitter, Medium, Telegram
-Create Token Locker Contract

2Q 2023
-Create Massageportal24 Channels on Facebook, Instagram, Discord
-Create Smart Contracts for Pro Membership and Staking

3Q 2023
-Start MPT Sale
-Launch Staking Pools
-Launch Smart Contract for Unlimited Pro Membership
-Integration Provider/Business Verification
-Integration World Map Search

4Q 2023
-Integration Website Translator
-Integration Web3 User Login
-Launch Massageportal24 Website
-Pro Membership pay with MPT

1Q 2024
-Start Massageportal24 Promotion in CH/DE/AT/LI
-Second Burn Event 100 Million MPT
-Mint Web3 Domains -Welcome to Inter-Planetary File System-

2Q 2024
-Start Massageportal24 Promotion EU/US
-Exchange Listing
-Liquidy Pool BNB, MATIC and FTM

3Q 2024
-Listing on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko
-Submit Massageportal24 Token Contract Information on BSC

4Q 2024
-Mint Web3 Massageportal24 TLD
-Create Massageportal24 SLD Pool

1Q 2025
-Massageportal24 Web3 Beta -Ready for Inter-Planetary File System-
-Third Burn Event 100 Million MPT
-Start Massageportal24 Promotion Worldwide

2Q 2025
-Launch Massageportal24 DEX

3Q 2025
-Integration Web3 Provider & Business verification

4Q 2025
-Launch Massageportal24 Web3 -Full decentralized and independent security-

1Q 2026
-Fourth Burn Event 100 Million MPT



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